Several Features that I'm sure would transform this from a good app to an amazing app

I’ve currently swapped to Braintool extension as it allows for layering folders and better organization.

However, the display isn’t as responsive or as nicely designed as It could be. It also only offers backups using google drive OR a local location (but local backup is in beta).

If you could add the following features I’m sure this app would go from being good to being absolutely amazing:

  • Folder layering to this extension (e.g. have a folder, plus a sub-folder and a sub-folder under that, etc.)

  • Allow for the option for backups to be encrypted automatically, along with a choice of cryptographic algorithms and hash functions including some post-quantum cryptographic algorithms and hash functions (and an option to not encrypt - depending on the users choice)

  • Allow for the backups to be able to be read in other software if necessary (e.g. spreadsheets, notepads, text editors, databasing software, etc.)

  • a search function within the extension

  • The option to select between the following methods of tab storage
    ---- storing all tabs in the window in the same folder all at once
    ---- store a single tab in a given folder
    ---- store a whole tab group in a given folder

  • Allow for automated backups to:
    ---- any cloud location by itself
    ---- a local backup by itself
    ---- any cloud location AND a second local backup
    ---- multiple cloud backups to any given cloud servers with an option for a local backup as well

  • While allowing a user to maintain maximum privacy with minimal data collection or at least an option to monitor and control what data is collected and a report on how it is used,

I’m sure all of this would make this app the best of the best.